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In the community of martial artists, there are Four Races:
the deliberate Gon, the mischevious Lyn, the elegant Yun, and the industrious Jin.

Gon Lyn Yun Jin
Gon Lyn Yun Jin


Train as one of seven classes, each with their own strengths, defenses, abilities, and devastating combos.
Blade Master | Destroyer | Summoner | Force Master
Kung Fu Master | Assassin | Blade Dancer

Two more classes are coming soon!

The Warring Factions

As a rising Martial Artist, you will be asked to join one of the elite Factions: they share a goal of eliminating evil, but differ in their views on how the realm shall operate. Choose wisely! Who you align with will determine the Clans you can join.

The Cerulean Order | The Crimson Legion




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